York Wing

York Wing
In September 2016, the Lycée Français de New York opened its new York Wing. Situated on York Avenue and connected to LFNY’s main building on the second floor, the York Wing makes possible a transformation in teaching and learning at the school, including in the area of science, technology, the arts, engineering and math (STEAM). It is essential to the school’s strategic plan, Our Vision: Aujourd’hui et Demain.

The new building adds 20,000 square feet to the school and houses digitally-enabled flexible classroom spaces for collaborative teaching and learning. Additional spaces for students include a new science lab, motricity room, maker space for hands-on creative problem-solving as well as a new digital media lab for student content creation for film, television and the web. The students find there new breathing spaces for collaborative project work, club activities and ideation.

The York Wing is essential to advancing our educational priorities for the next five years, particularly that of ensuring that all of our students, and not just those who choose the Science track of the French Baccalaureate, are prepared for the science-, technology-, engineering-, arts- and math-intensive world which defines our times.
Sean Lynch, Head of School

To learn more about our new York Wing, watch the following informational display.


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