The French Educational system is famous for its curriculum – a course of study so rigorous that American colleges consider a student’s final year at a French high school to be the equivalent of post-secondary education in the United States. Equally renowned, New York City’s elite private schools are known for promoting intellectual inquiry and encouraging students to learn and grow not just in the classroom but also in civic, cultural and athletic pursuits.

At the Lycée Français de New York, students get the best of both cultures. The school curriculum parallels the academic program laid out by the French Ministry of National Education and used in French schools throughout the world. At the Lycée, this curriculum is supplemented by the essential elements advanced in American private-school education. This dual approach produces academically-adept, bilingual students, proficient in both English and French, who can easily matriculate into either the French or the American educational systems. The blending of French and American educational traditions distinguishes the Lycée and creates graduates who have a deep understanding of both the European culture in which they are educated and the American culture into which they are integrated – a sound combination superior to either alternative.

Building from this foundation, the Lycée emphasizes three fundamental objectives in all its classes and activities:

  • Academic excellence
  • Physical, intellectual, and emotional balance
  • Responsible citizenship

The Lycée’s goal is to train its students to become citizens of the world, well equipped both intellectually and socially for the challenges and opportunities of a life in an international milieu.