Digital Learning

We are living in a time in which we have an unprecedented number of tools available to support and enrich student learning. The Lycée’s digital learning approach has two areas of focus:

Enrich the learning process across curricula through the use of technological tools when they add specific pedagogical value and explore computer science, so students can learn how to operate, program and create technology.

As a school, we believe that technology can enrich the learning process in the following ways:

  • Personalized Learning

    A student will have access to learning materials and tools that are designed for her particular skill level and supportive of her individual learning style. Technology eases this process by making it timely and invisible (mitigating stigma), while providing data and artifacts that provide evidence of growth. Through the use of online tools, our older students are also able to engage with course content and their peers when they are outside of class.

  • 21st Century Skills

    In an ever-changing, globally connected world, students need new mindsets and skillsets. Technology enables students to engage in the development of these new skills through project based learning and “5C” skills: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and contemplation. Computer science, too, is a 21st century skill.

  • Digital Citizenship

    We know that no matter what paths our students pursue, they will be engaging with technology in their personal and professional lives. As such, while we have them in our care, we want to equip them with the decision-making skills that enable them to make responsible choices regarding technology, including topics like online safety, intellectual property and finding a balance between digital and non-digital activities.

We strive to incorporate our goals through the following methods:

  • Professional Development

    The teacher-student relationship is at the heart of learning. As such, we work closely with teachers to provide opportunities for them to learn about pedagogical strategies supported by technology integration. We employ a variety of approaches: peer-to-peer learning through our ambassador program, small group classes and interaction with outside experts.

  • Curriculum Development

    The digital learning team is in the process of creating a set of unique technology competencies for our entire student community, combining French, American and international models. We have done extensive work adjusting our informatique curricula in CP-5ème in order to incorporate digital citizenship and computer science. The secondary advisors are also incorporating digital citizenship into their discussions about character and community building.

  • 1:1 Learning Environment

    We are employing new ways to make technology available to students. One method is the 1:1 Learning Environment, in which an iPad is designated for each student to use. We have implemented this strategy since 2011 for one cohort of Italian students, and the students bring their devices to and from school. We have applied a similar version of this strategy to all CM2 classrooms, but the iPads remain in school. Please see the CM2 1:1 program FAQs.

  • After-school Activities

    We incorporated our first technology club in 2012, and now we have 6 options, spanning from CP - 3ème. We are consistently working to provide rich, engaging opportunities to a wider variety of students.