True to the Lycée Français de New York’s mission, the Secondary curriculum emphasizes French language and culture and the French educational system coupled with American educational values: practicality and respect for creativity.

Secondary School Learning

Secondary School Learning falls into several major subject areas, as follows:


The curriculum of the English department at the Lycée is driven by our exit exams: the OIB, the traditional French Baccalaureate and the two AP English exams, all of which are rigorous reading and writing assessments. To that end, students read and write about classic and modern texts chosen and agreed upon by the department. Small classes, a faculty with excellent academic credentials, and open communication among teachers, students and their parents help our students develop mastery in English language and literature, as well as success in their exams and admission to colleges and universities all over the world.


In keeping with its central role in French learning, mathematics is given substantial attention at the Lycée. The mathematics department is made up of nine teachers who follow the National Education program scrupulously, but who also take advantage of being in New York to assign exercises similar to those used in American schools.

Ninth and tenth grade students are divided into five groups according to their abilities. This allows the teachers to offer differentiated instruction and a curriculum consistent with the students’ needs.


The teaching of physics, chemistry, biology and earth sciences is based on questioning, research and solutions that evolve and expand over time. Introducing our students to the scientific process allows them to acquire skills useful in all disciplines. They become capable of applying a thought process to identify a problem, formulating hypotheses, comparing hypotheses to experimental findings, and exercising their critical minds.  We base our teaching on the experimental approach, historical perspective, the use of new technologies, and creating links to other disciplines.

History & Geography

The main goal of the History, Geography, Economics and Social Sciences programs at the Lycée is to turn our students into enlightened citizens, truly capable of critical reasoning. Knowledge of civilizations and world geography, an understanding of the complexity of economic, social and cultural structures, and mastery of skills and know-how are necessary tools to help our students grasp the major issues facing the modern world.

Foreign Language

As part of the Lycée’s promise to create citizens of the world, the school offers four foreign languages in addition to French and English: German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. Each of these languages is offered at different points throughout the program:

  • As a second language, German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin are offered starting in 6th Grade.  Students continue studying their chosen language through 12th grade.
  • These languages may be elected as specialties for the baccalauréat (if a sufficient number of students are interested).
  • Mandarin may also be taken at the beginner level starting in 10th Grade.

At the Lycée, we believe that imparting a love of music is a priceless gift.  Consequently, theory, practice and music appreciation are incorporated into the program through reading music, rhythmic activities and choir. Music plays an integral part in the program through ninth grade (one class per week) and becomes optional starting in 10th Grade. At the high school level, students are encouraged to form musical groups, instrumental or vocal.  In addition to classes, students may join the band (6th Grade through 9th Grade), the orchestra (6th Grade through 12th Grade), the Secondary choir ([6th Grade through 9th Grade) and the music workshop (9th Grade through 12th Grade).

French and Philosophy

The French and Philosophy department offers a curriculum that follows the French National Education Ministry’s official programs. It gives our students linguistic and literary knowledge and skills appropriate to our culture and prepares them for the requirements of the examinations that mark their schooling: the Brevet in middle school and the Baccalauréat in high school. French classes are organized by topic and offer the students an overview of French literature from the Middle Ages to today.

Philosophy class covers the major themes of the official French program and prepares 12th Grade students for the baccalauréat. It introduces them to the rigor of philosophical thought and contributes to the expansion of their cultural horizons through the works of great philosophers.

The teachers in the French and Philosophy department are committed to opening students’ minds to the world around them and, through literature and philosophy, helping them to become enlightened and responsible citizens.


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Readabout the OIB (Option International du Baccalauréat) and BFA (Baccalauréat Franco-Américain) options of the Baccalauréat.