Financial Aid

We encourage all families to consider an education from the Lycée Français de New York (LFNY) regardless of their financial situation, as we are committed to providing financial support to families with demonstrated financial need. The LFNY sets aside dedicated funds each year for its financial assistance program, funded in part by its endowment and its generous donors.

Applications for LFNY Financial Aid must be filled out and submitted every year. LFNY financial assistance is available to students of all nationalities. Financial aid from the French government is also available for French applicants (scroll down to “French Government Financial Aid” for more information).

Please note that the process below pertains only to new applicants.



Important Deadlines for 2017-2018

  • For Preschool: Non-French families new to the LFNY apply for Financial Aid between September 8 and December 1. (Returning families please visit the portal)
  • For Grades 1-12: Apply for LFNY Financial Aid and Admissions at the same time.

LFNY Financial Aid is assessed by FACTS Grants and Aid Assessment, an independent assessment service. In order be considered for financial assistance from the school, each family must submit a complete FACTS application and a letter explaining the need for financial assistance. To access the FACTS electronic application, please click here. If you are French, you must also apply for French government Financial Aid (see below) by its deadline.

Documents Needed when Applying

Here are the documents that you may need when you apply:

  • Most recent tax-related information, such as tax returns with all schedules, latest W-2 forms, and 1099s.
  • Special tax schedules (for business owners).
  • Bank / financial statements.
  • Rental / mortgage information.
  • Estimates of additional expenses / income (loans, child support, governmental assistance).
  • Documents proving non-taxable income.

Assistance from FACTS is available by phone at (866) 441-4637, by fax: (866) 315-9264 or by email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

What happens once you have applied?

  • Once the application is submitted, FACTS reviews it and will contact parents who have submitted incomplete or unclear applications.
  • The information is analyzed using formulas developed to calculate need, based on a moderate standard of living for the geographic area of the applicant.
  • FACTS can take between 4 to 8 weeks to provide LFNY with a comprehensive report for each applicant. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible.
  • The school’s Financial Aid committee then carefully reviews each application, inviting families for an interview as needed, to determine eligibility of financial assistance.
  • The school will communicate awards in conjunction with Admissions and Financial Aid committee meetings.



Important Deadlines for 2017-2018

  • For all Grades: Apply for French Government financial aid by the applicable deadlines located on the French Consulate Financial Aid Website.
  • For Preschool: French families new to the LFNY apply for LFNY Aid between September 8 and March 6 (Returning families please visit the LFNY Portal).
  • For Grades 1-12: Apply for LFNY Financial Aid and Admissions at the same time.

Step One: Visit the French Consulate Website

Your child may be eligible for financial aid from the Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger (AEFE) if your child meets the criteria below:

  • has French nationality;
  • is registered with the French Consulate in New York.

Click here to view a FAQ on Financial Aid from the AEFE.

Step Two: Complete your application and schedule an appointment

Visit the French Government Website to access financial aid application information. Complete your application and request an in-person appointment with the Consulate (within the applicable deadline) for in-person submission of your completed application. The consulate will not accept applications and documents sent electronically.

Step Three: Apply for Lycée Financial Aid

Please note that French families should apply for French Government and LFNY Financial Aid at the same time, and both applications must be completed in full for consideration. The Lycée Financial Aid Committee will not evaluate your application until a formal response to your complete application - either an award or a rejection - is issued by the French Consulate.

Scroll up to the “LFNY Financial Aid” section to view the steps to apply for Lycée Financial Aid.

Step Four: Submit Consulate Decision Letter to LFNY

Each family having applied will receive a letter from the French Government stating either the amount of aid to be provided by the French government or the reason for rejection. Such letter must be provided to the Lycée in addition to the package submitted to FACTS in order to become eligible for Lycée financial aid.


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