Parents are attracted to the Lycée Français de New York because it combines the best of French and American education. Lycée families value the balance between academic rigor and the social and emotional well-being of their children the school offers.

With over 50 nationalities represented, Lycée parents form a multicultural and vibrant community that takes pride in its diversity. It is a group that excels at welcoming and integrating new families. The school welcomes parents’ involvement and values the wealth of experience they bring – both on an individual level and as participants in the Parents Association (APL). All parents are members of the APL, which acts as an open forum in which every voice is heard.

An influential and recognized voice at the Lycée, the APL works closely with the school’s administration, faculty and the Board. It is a well-structured and active organization that offers many opportunities for hands-on participation in the school’s life.

Whether you are English or French speaking, there are plenty of opportunities to get together socially and interact – or volunteer – with other parents at any of the numerous events that the school and the APL organize, such as welcome coffees, classes cocktails, lectures (see examples on sidebar) that are part of the cultural life of the Lycée.

We invite you to contact the APL at to learn more about the APL and why parents are proud to be part of the Lycée.



Renowned French child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo gives a presentation about the challenges faced by teenagers. He also talks about building a healthy relationship between parents and their children.

Watch the conference with Annie Perrin from the Energy Project focusing on personal energy, the power of renewal and sustaining high performance. The event took place on February 2014 at the Lycée Francais de New York.

The creator of the R.U.L.E.R. Approach Marc Brackett giving a presentation at the Lycée Francais de New York about What is Emotional Intelligence and why we should teach it to children in November 2013.