The 1,350 students enrolled at the Lycée Français de New York come to us from over 50 nations. They comprise a tremendous diversity of cultures, native languages, ethnicities, learning styles and socio-economic backgrounds – and their diversity helps weave the unique tapestry of the educational experience we provide here.

The Lycée celebrates individuality within our ranks: from our youngest children to our graduating senior class, all students at the Lycée Français de New York are offered the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace. We also encourage leadership – foremost through our academics, but also through leadership positions as a class delegate or member of the student council, which offer students the ability to effect real change, and to sit on the school’s educational policy committee (CPET). Athletes find thirty sports teams on which to participate and develop their skills. They benefit from the school’s growing commitment to – and success in – sports, with the Lycée regularly leading its league in soccer and track. Our 350-seat auditorium is the site of student theater productions in English and French, concerts for all levels, and other displays of talent, promoting explorations in a wide variety of interest areas. Likewise, student publications include our award-winning literary magazine, the yearbook, school newspaper, and poetry anthologies.   

Living and learning in an environment so rich in diversity and opportunity leads our students to appreciate and accept difference, and they become adept at navigating our global community. The drive for academic excellence and the variety of extra-curricular opportunities combine to produce graduates who are educationally fulfilled and accordingly, who can make positive choices and succeed at a variety of endeavors.