Vie Scolaire

The Department of Student Life (Vie Scolaire) is charged with ensuring that every student at the Lycée Français de New York is provided with the best possible learning environment. As such, it supports the learning of all students and nurtures their social and emotional development.

At the primary level, this support is provided through a network of specialists, who work in conjunction with the school psychologist, and the lower school nurse. Their goal is to monitor and mentor students – and provide them the early assistance they may need to succeed at the Lycée. In the secondary, the Deans of Students act as department chairs of Student Life. They and their assistants follow student progress and report potential hindrances and concerns to a support team consisting of a Dean, the secondary nurse, school psychologist, secondary learning specialist, and the Head of School (for the High School) or Assistant Head of School (for the Middle School).

In keeping with the Lycée community’s goal to work together harmoniously and productively in order to promote both academic excellence and social well-being, the Student Life department carefully tracks all students and ensures their progress and success. Its members oversee students at lunch and recess, and make certain the common spaces of the school are respected.

In addition, the Student Life department in the secondary school manages the class delegates and student council, providing them with guidance and leadership education. The Deans and their assistants provide valuable oversight on all student committees, supervise student publications, monitor attendance, and schedule sessions on topics such as bullying, internet etiquette, and risk taking.

An indispensable enhancement to the curriculum we provide at the Lycée Français de New York, the department of Student Life offers our students important encouragement across their diverse learning styles, opportunities for leadership, and an education in how to live together peacefully at school, in New York City, and in the increasingly complex world.